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Barbra Lutz, Logan Utah
January 17 2012 Dex Reviews
Quality Excellent
Gary Ricks has excellent skills and ability in the HVAC trade. He is a perfectionist and exhibits integrity, great problem solving skills, has training and a broad knowledge with depth in home repairs, renovations, remodeling, etc. Gary always walks through my 'task list' with me and often during the review, his comments or suggestions are practical, sincere and always to my benefit. Upon completion of the job, Gary leaves no mess behind. Without hesitation I whole heartedly recommend Gary Ricks Services.
Cammy Hoskin
We had Gary come and service our air conditioner. We had excellent quality done and explanations of what needed to be done in a professional manner. We just wished we would have known about servicing our air conditioning long before now. He has also provided excellent customer service in the past with our furnaces as well. We will definitely refer him to other customers. He will be our service guy for all of our air and heating needs in the future.
Carmelita Salas
Great Service! Explained everything to me, very friendly, and a very fair price!! Would recommend him to anyone.
Courtney Henry
April 2014 Google Places
Gary has saved me from the cold multiple times, even when I had to call at midnight! He has kept my old furnace running and is always honest with his service recommendations. He is efficient, friendly, and caring; and I would definitely recommend Gary Ricks Services. Gary has saved me from the cold multiple times, even when I had to call at midnight! He has kept my old furnace running and is always honest with his service recommendations. He is efficient, friendly, and caring; and I would definitely recommend him.
Denise Christensen
We had to replace our air conditioner and I decided to use a smaller company. Gary came out within two days of my phone call. He gave me a great deal on a new unit! We had an issue with a blown fuse to our heating and he came out right away and fixed it. He and his workers have been super helpful and knowledgeable about their work. I am so glad that I called a smaller business because it felt more personal and less expensive with plenty of knowledge and experience!
Grover and Vicky Smith Hyrum, Utah
January 13 2012
Over the years we have had several occasions to call Gary Ricks for help with both heating and air conditioning issues.He is always prompt performs the services needed exactly as he explained and for a very reasonable price. We have had him install new air conditioning and a new furnace. We would recommend him for any heating or air conditioning issue large or small.
Heidi McMurdie
Google Places
Quality Excellent
My husband and I used Gary when our AC went out late one night. After calling them the next morning they were on our doorstep within 30 minutes of the call. Both Gary and Jason were friendly, professional and honest. They didn't give me the run around or try to sell me something I didn't need. I was very pleased with their integrity and service. We will definitely be calling them again.
Janae Nelson
August 2013 Google Places
Our air conditioning unit broke it the heat of summer and Gary was able to get to us in a timely manner and fix the problem quickly. I felt that he was honest and fair in his pricing and did a great job. I trust him with my heating and air ...MoreOur air conditioning unit broke it the heat of summer and Gary was able to get to us in a timely manner and fix the problem quickly. I felt that he was honest and fair in his pricing and did a great job. I trust him with my heating and air conditioning and will have him come back every year to service our units.
Jesse Evans
Google Places
Quality Excellent
We have been using Gary at our Property Management Company for about 2 years now. I would never go anywhere else. He knows his stuff, is excellent at diagnosing and giving me upfront pricing that is very competitive, and is superb at customer relations and follow through. He keeps his paperwork in order and we never have to hound him for information, and never receive an invoice with a 'surprise' charge on it. He is quite simply the best! You will not be disappointed with Gary, we would never use anyone else!
Jessie Hathaway
Google Places
Quality Excellent
I have been using Gary Ricks Services for the last 3 years to service our furnaces, A/C Units and Swamp Coolers at our apartments and his services have always exceeded our expectations. He is always on time to his appointments and is GREAT to work with when we have an after hours problem. Good at answering his phone. Also is great at explaining what the actual problem is when something breaks and if its fixable instead of trying to just sell us a whole new unit. We would highly recommend Gary Ricks Services to anyone looking for repair work or even as 2nd estimate if your worried someone else is over pricing a job for you!
Kent Field: Parker Reality, Logan, Utah
I called Gary with an emergency on a property. He was there in 10 minutes flat and worked hard to fix the problem. He is quick and reliable.
Kevin Rood
I've had GARY RICKS SERVICES come to my house to service both my heating and cooling units. They arrived on time and were fast, professional, through, clean in their work and appearance. I have received an itemized service check list with each service they have done. They did find some problems in my heating unit of which they throughly explained the problems, got an estimate (which was reasonable for what I know about heating units.), and they showed me the damaged parts. They had the parts in stock; and installed them quickly with no wasted time. I have referred them to several friends and family, and will use them in the future.
Leslie Curtis: LRC Properties, Avon, Utah
Gary Ricks Services has been our contractor of choice for our property management business for 5 years now. Gary has proven himself prompt in responding to our emergencies and reliable in his service. His work ethic is superior to that of any other contractor we have ever worked with. His bids are fair, he has our best interests at heart, and gives excellent, professional advice. Many of our decisions are based on our trust in him. At the risk of sounding repetitive, Gary has done small jobs for us and huge projects. His integrity is sound, he stands by his work. We continue to use him and recommend him.
Lori 1/19/12
We will work with no one else but Gary Ricks services. the few time we have called him has always been a great experience. very honest and fast responses to the problems.danny and lori nevitt
Lori Buttars
Gary had the answer for a long-standing HVAC issue and helped bring my 1980s era home up to code. I appreciate his detailed explanation of the process and that he could be reached to answer any question or concern.
Louise Young
Gary gave us a bid, stuck to it, had great suggestions to fit our needs and budget and required efficiency. He kept his word, explained the process as he went along and stayed with the time frame given to us. He and his crew made the necessary cuts and construction debris and cleaned up everything as though they had never made a mess. They were over-the-top thoughtful and polite., The workmanship was topnotch! Thank you Gary and guys!
Luke Barkle
Google Places
Quality Excellent
Last winter Gary came by to service my failing heater and did an excellent job. He mentioned then that I should have him come back in the spring to service my A/C but I let it slide. As luck would have it, I had my A/C go out with a power outage just as things were really heating up this summer. I recalled the excellent job Gary did on my furnace and called him first thing. I called on a Friday and he was booked, but said he could come and see me early on Monday. I decided to call to have a competitor come out on Saturday and was told my A/C compressor was blown out and too old to replace. They told me it could cost nearly 7k to get it fixed, and later quoted me 5k. Gary was able to give me a quote for less and now my home is nice and cooled. Gary's business relies word of mouth and so it's no wonder he stands by his work. His crew are respectful and personable, and keep you informed on what they are working on. Both Jason and Riley were great to work with as well. Thanks Gary!
Mark Lunt: Catalyst Property Management, Logan, Utah
We have used Gary Ricks several times. Gary is easy to get in touch with and he always shows up when he is supposed to. We highly recommend Gary.
Mary 2/1/12
Gary Ricks is the best heating (both furnace and water heater) contractor I have dealt with here in Logan over the past 10 years. And I've dealt with a few because I have 7 rental units. He is prompt, efficient, and personable. And what a great dog. What more can you ask for?
Megan Mahajan Manager
August 7, 2007
To Whom It may Concern: This summer our company used Gary Ricks Services as a subcontractor for our heating and air conditioning services. Gary was very reliable and all of our customers were very satisfied with the work that he provided. He took his time and made sure that his work was done to exceed any and all expectations. His sales rate was extraordinary and he sold more new installations than our company had ever seen. Several customers even took the time to call us and express their grattatude for the exellent services that Gary had provided. To Say that we were pleased with the services provided by Gary Ricks is an understatement. He is an honest, reliable, hard working individual and we would recommend him to anyone in need of heating and air conditioning services. Intermountain Plumbing and Drain Inc. Thank You.
Mike Alvares: Smithfield, Utah
I called Gary late at night March 2010. He was there on the spot and found our furnace leaking dangerous carbon monoxide. He replaced our furnace and did a great job. Exceptional.
Mike Whitesides
February 2014 Google Places
Gary was able to squeeze me into his schedule the next day and was even able to come early. He quickly figured out the furnace problem and promptly fixed it. His explanations were very thorough and I would definitely use his services again!
Moroni Silva
Gary is great! His employees are very professional and courteous. They did a great job on my home's cooling system. I appreciated how thorough Kevin was in the final cleanup of my home. after my experience with Gary Ricks Services, my home has never been so comfortable. Thanx you guys!e for all my Heating and Cooling service and repair. Two thumbs up.
Paul Duree: Tech Specialists, Logan, Utah
I've know Gary for 5 years and have used his services many times. He has always been prompt, dependable, honest, and fair.
Preston Frischknecht
Gary is amazing. Today is July 4. The AC went out in the middle of our holiday preparations, threatening to nuke us and our newborn twins. I didn't think I could get anyone to come and save us. Gary was there within 45 minutes of the initial phone call. Quick and expert diagnosis and repair, not only of our air conditioning, but also a leaking water heater (another story). I will be using him for ALL of my heating and cooling needs and I will recommend him to everyone. (I would have given him ten stars here, but it only allows for five.)
Ray Kaighn
July 5, 2013
At 5:15 pm We have used Gary and his technicians several times for work on our furnace and air conditioning units. They have always provided us Witt he best of service and support. We will continue to use them for all of our HVAC needs. This last time was especially important. With the failure of out AC unit the temperatures in lure home went into the 90s. My wife is undergoing dialysis and high temperature are very detrimental to her health. Gary received a call from us and came out within 12 hours and fixed the problem and gave us future options to solve what is going to be a bigger problem. In addition to that he didn't charge us because the capacitor was under warranty. His honesty is what will keep me calling him for all our HVAC needs. Thanks again Gary.
Rhonda Park Logan Utah
I totally agree with these reviews.. I tried to post a review but it wouldnt let me but I was very impressed with Gary and he is a true professional. Thank and I won t call anyone else after today.
Sarah Ricks
Google Places
Quality Excellent
I had Gary come out to fix my furnace. He was able to come out with in an hour of us calling. The heater wasn't heating and the fan just kept running. Gary was able to quickly diagnose the problem and even had the parts we needed to fix the furnace with him. He was able to fix it with in about a half hour of getting there and we quickly had heat again. I would defiantly call Gary again if I had any problems.
Sher Lisonbee
February 2014 Google Places
I was very impressed with the services. Our furnace stopped working in the middle of the Holiday Season when it was especially cold outside. Gary came out and got the furnace working in a timely fashion. His fees for the services are completely ...MoreI was very impressed with the services. Our furnace stopped working in the middle of the Holiday Season when it was especially cold outside. Gary came out and got the furnace working in a timely fashion. His fees for the services are completely fair and reasonable, we weren't charged bogus holiday fees and he stands behind his work. He's very competent and professional.
Someguy logan
Jul 28, 2011
We were having trouble with our evaporative cooler. I called Gary after hours, and he picked up and scheduled us for first thing in the morning. He came right on time (actually even a couple minutes early!) and listened in detail about the problem and did a real close inspection of the unit, inside and out. When he figured out what was going on, he brought my up to the roof and showed me what was the problem and demonstrated how and why things were behaving the way they were even taking time to explain some of the science behind it. Then he even told me what I could do if I wanted to fix the problem myself for cheaper. (That is true honesty!) I had too many things going on to be the one to fix it, so I went ahead and had him do it at a very reasonable price. Gary was quick, professional, honest, and reasonably priced. He doesn't take out splashy ads which means a few things: word of mouth about him is good so he doesn't need them to drum up business, and he doesn't have additional overhead that has to be passed on to his customers. Seriously, go with Gary. Aside from getting your problem fixed, you can also meet his mascot, Frankie - an incredibly well-trained and friendly dog who sometimes rides in the truck with him.
Tate Harris
Google Places
Quality Excellent
The first air conditioning company I called never showed up. the second one showed up and told me that my swamp cooler was shot and needed to be replaced for $ 1200. so I called around to get some bids for a new cooler and found Gary Ricks. he climbed up on my roof and told me my cooler was in good shape and just needed some new parts. he replaced the motor and sealed the pan. my cooler is now good for a few more years. when it dose need to be replaced, I will call Gary Ricks to do it. he has got my business from now on. C. H
Tom A
September 2014
I bought a 15 year old home that had a multi-zone heating/cooling system with several issues. Gary Ricks was very quick to respond. Gary identified several problems that the system had since the house was built including a duct that went into the wall and never came out! I am extremely happy with the work that Gary and his crew did to get my system up and cooling. Thanks guys!
Toni Evans
July 2013 Google Places
After purchasing the Island Market the company I work for discovered issues with the walk-in cooler, freezer and the air conditioning. Gary came to our rescue on all our issues. He is knowledgeable, accurate and reliable. We will definitely continue to use Gary for our HVAC and refrigeration needs.
Xin ?logan
Feb 3, 2011
I called Gary at 11PM, because my furnace was not heating properly. Gary is prompt in picking up the call, coming to the house, fixing the problem. He explained to me the problem as he was working on the furnace. Very personable, very easy to work with. I got him on speed dial.